To be able to use the IT services provided by HHU Düsseldorf, you should do the following steps first:

Activate your university ID (Uni-Kennung)!

Your university ID is the key to all IT services the University has to offer. All of these services require authentication with your ID. To activate your university ID, you need to log in using your matriculation number and your initial password at

You can find the required data inside your enrolment documents. Please note that you need to set a new password. This new password shouldn’t be used anywhere else or be based on your initial password.

More detailed instructions on how to activate your ID are available in our Wiki.

Activation University ID


In that case no second activation of your Uni-ID is required! The university ID and password of your previous enrollment will still be valid.

Activate your HHU Card!

Along with the enrollment documents you should have received your HHU Card. This has the following functionalities:

  • Student Identity Card

  • Semester ticket for public transportation

  • Library Card (University Library)

  • Mensa Card (payment in the university canteens)

To be able to use the HHU-Card, you’ll need to activate it within 4 weeks after you received the card. You also do this at

A more detailed guide on activating your HHU-Card can be found in our Wiki.

Activation HHU Card

WIFI/University Network

On the campus the university WLAN network “Eduroam” is available. To connect to the WLAN, you need to install the Eduroam software. The Login works via your university ID and your university password.

Eduroam Software

For Android devices please install the Eduroam-App by Géant from the Google Play Store!

Installation manuals for different operating systems can be found in our Wiki.

Connect Eduroam

Especially some services of the University Library are, due to license requirements, only available being inside the university network. To be able to use those services from home, you’ll need to use OpenVPN. It will establish a remote connection to the university. You can find the required software at


The Login works via your university ID and your university password.

A quick guide on how to install OpenVPN you`ll find here:

OpenVPN quick guide

Detailed manuals on how to install and configure OpenVPN are available in our Wiki (in German, but illustrated; if you need assistance please contact the Helpdesk. Note you’ll need to login to this page with your ID for Security Reasons!).

OpenVPN einrichten

Important services for students

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions about the university IT-Services, please contact the Helpdesk:


Telephone: 0211 - 81 10111

Office: Building 25.41, Room 00.53 (ATTENTION: Please make an application for visits!)

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 AM - 6 PM

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