When users attempt to create a new database, they are asked to select an item/category. If this does not exist yet, it is the task of an administrator to create it.

The following instructions will help:

Go to the "ADMIN PANEL" at the bottom of any tab

Go to the tab "TYPES OF ITEMS"

Add a meaningful "name" for the new item type. (Recommended: Add a template scheme to describe the item)

As the first item the category "database list" should be created. After that, you can create as many new items as you like.

Next, a database list must be created for each of these items.

Therefore, go to the "DATABASE" on the top bar and create a new database. Select database list as the item/category.

Create a table in this database.

The first column in the list should contain an identifier of the items. How to name the identifier properly will be shown in the next tutorial.

Tip: If a list (e.g. excel table) for the type of item already exists, you can automatically import all items. Go to the "ADMIN PANEL" at the bottom. Follow the instructions in the the "IMPORT" tab.

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