To share data only with a selected group of people, it is necessary to assign the experiments or databases to self-defined groups.

As you may have noticed, you sometimes see entries from people you don't know. This can have several reasons: The person has set the visibility to "organizational" or you are in a team with a person who is additionally in other teams. Unfortunately there is no solution from the software side yet. I would ask you to never set the visibility of entries to "organizational", and also to notify people when they can see such an entry (e.g. via the comment function).

Additionally, I would ask you to be a member of only one team if possible. The problem of multiple workgroups can be solved by so called "group visibilities". Your team admin can create a group in which also members of other teams can be. Then the visibility of entries (experiments) can be restricted to this group, and no longer to "Team".

Example: If user Anna is in Team 1 and user Bert is in Team 1 and Team 2, but now user Bert creates an experiment in Team 2 and sets the visibility to "Team", user Anna can still see the experiment. Because the visibility setting here actually means visible for "all my teams". Therefore, a group should also be used for your own team to control visibility.

The following instructions will help with the creation of your own group:

Go to the ADMIN PANEL at the bottom of any tab

Go to the tab GROUPS (1).

Create a group (2).

You can invite any registered user of eLabFTW (from the HHU or university hospital, regardless of team affiliation) by Add User (3).

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