Lab rotation: 

A user who is in two teams cannot be "archived" from only one team. The login will not work then either. If you want to remove a user from their team, please email if they are on multiple teams (visible by the gray boxes above their name). However, the experiments of this user will then also no longer be visible in their "team" if the group was not entered here as visibility. If a user wants to change the team, he can first be "archived" in his old team, and then be recreated in his new team.

The first member of the team automatically has admin rights. All other members must have their team membership confirmed by an admin after registration.

This can be done in the Admin panel at the TEAM tab.

After adding some team members, you also want to remove members:

  1. Go to the Admin panel
  2. Go to the USERS tab
  3. Click SEARCH to list all team members or specify a name
  4. Click Archive User

An archived user has no access to the generated data and this data is automatically locked (admins can unlock it).

The archived user has no access to eLabFTW of the former team. 

The archiving/inactivation changes can be undone (e.g. if the user rejoin the team).

Only user without experiments can be deleted.

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